Our Malawi Team

We are so happy to have a wonderful, dedicated team on the ground in Malawi making things happen for Kusewera! We have established an NGO in Malawi, that is an extension of Kusewera in the U.S. that was necessary to assure things run smoothly in country.

Kusewera Limited, Malawi Board : (3 Malawian) Mercy Nyirongo, Christine Chingondole, Knocks Kaipa, (2 foreign) Paul Osborn, Karen Osborn

Malawian Board of Kusewera long


Malawian Attorney : Pempho Likongwe, Likongwe & Company



Knocks Kaipa : Kusewera Village Property Manager, Key Advisor and Vehicle Manager – We’ve known Knocks since 2008 and he has been an important member of our family ever since. His dedication and loyalty to us is so valuable to the overall workings of Kusewera in Malawi. He will interact with all guests, contractors, Kusewera staff and volunteers in all aspects of dealings with the village and will handle and coordinate other necessary items as needed.

Chippie Mulima : Program Director – Chippie is a certified teacher and an athlete. He was part of a basketball team that Kusewera set up to visit Mtendere Village Orphanage to play with the kids and give speeches of inspiration for several Christmases in a row. In April 2015, we were delighted to be able to have Chippie work with Kusewera directly and help with implementing our programs in Malawi. We were able to introduce him to our friends at the orphanage, which led to a temporary teaching job for a few months! He is now officially the Program Director for Kusewera and is responsible for the planning and implementing of the Kusewera programs in Malawi.