To apply for registration on a Kusewera trip, please fill out the information below and a Kusewera representative will contact you soon. There is a $19 processing fee/background check to be paid with payment for your Kusewera trip. Returning trip volunteers are exempt from the background check. Kusewera policies and guidelines.
*Once approved, A $500 non-refundable deposit must be paid in order to HOLD your spot.

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2017 Trip 1 - Malawi, Africa: May 27 - June 6, 2017 COMPLETE2017 Trip 2 - Malawi, Africa: July 1 - 8, 2017Groups / Individuals requesting to book

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2-day Safari add on for Trip 2 only
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*A Kusewera representative will interview every trip applicant to determine if they are a good fit. A questionnaire will be sent to applicant and their references and must be returned promptly. Kusewera reserves the right to decline a trip applicant should the Kusewera representative determine that applicant is not a good fit. If a deposit has been made by the applicant, the deposit will be refunded. Since funds raised by outside donations cannot be refunded, it is best to complete the qualification interview prior to outside fundraising.

Kusewera is grateful for the relationships cultivated in Malawi. We have established policies that are in line with both the mission of Kusewera and the people we serve alongside. Each volunteer MUST sign and return to Kusewera, the policies agreement prior to the trip. If policies are not followed, Kusewera reserves the right to end the volunteer’s involvement if a trip is already in progress. Kusewera is not responsible for additional costs incurred by or related to said changes.

Malawi and The Philippines are predominantly Christian/Catholic countries. While people of any faith and from all walks of life are encouraged to travel with Kusewera, serve, and be a part of the greater good, it would be inappropriate to promote a faith or lifestyle contrary to that sponsorship.

Knowing a little bit about our volunteers helps us prepare for each trip. Program clinics are planned with volunteer specialties, passions and personalities in mind. In order to plan properly, please fill out the space below and send a completed personality quiz from to

Please also list additional Information: ie, Sports background, Creative background, Religious background. List any special dietary or medical needs or requirements. We aim to fulfill most dietary requests and will discuss any concerns with you prior to the trip.

Before final acceptance on a Kusewera humanitarian service trip, I agree to return the required questionnaire and allow Kusewera to conduct a general background check at a fee of $19, to be added to my trip cost. Returning trip volunteers will be exempt from a background check

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