Our U.S. Team

We are blessed to have a great team of officers and volunteers that help guide and direct operations and the efficiency and vision of Kusewera.
KAREN OSBORN : Founder, CEO/Director of all things Kusewera!
PAUL OSBORN : Secretary, Key Advisor
MARGIE TURNER : Chief Financial Officer
KUSEWERA VILLAGE COMMITTEE MEMBERS : Karen Osborn, Paul Osborn, Nicole Rodgers, Delonte Gholston, Cindee Rood, Jennifer Parsons, Nick Anderson, Taylor Horton, Nicky Cruz, Bryan Geli, Molly Weiss, Teri Smith, Jade Smith, Meg Macrae, Troi Barnum, Stephen Makasu, Victor Kamwendo, Bernard Kanjoma 
SUSAN HASTINGS : Kusewera Bookkeeper KuseweraBooks@gmail.com
MALEK ADEL, Esq. : Legal Advisor
SPECIAL THANK YOU : Many volunteers, past and present, have made or are making an impact and we thank you ~ Michelle Chapman, Marilyn Hopkins, Christina Garvin, Shane Horton, Julie Gentleman, Sebastian Sam, Hannah Celino, Holly Weiss, Aaron and Alayna Elam, Dave Yuen and so many others!
Sherri Saum, Kamar de los Reyes, Jason GeorgeNathan Fillion, Giancarlo Stanton,
Tenley MolzahnReggie Lee, Wes Horton, Erik Spoelstra, Cary Brothers,
Gary Lightbody
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