Job Opportunities

In addition to visiting teams and short-term humanitarian trips, Kusewera is looking for a volunteer individual or couple to serve on a long-term basis. Below are the details.

Kusewera Village On-site Manager

Kusewera is seeking an on-site manager at Kusewera Village in Malawi, Africa. This position will help oversee the day to day programs, provide insight and strategic direction for long-term development and will assist with teacher / coach training, evaluation tools and help Malawian staff build in-country partnerships.

This may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Provide ongoing feedback, insight and direction to Kusewera Board (both US and Malawi)
  • Interact with guests, contractors and Kusewera staff and volunteers
  • Directly run program, in collaboration with our Malawian Program Director
  • Assist with continued development and implementation of the curriculum
  • Development and implementation of culturally appropriate training clinics
  • Identifying local staff to be hired and trained when necessary
  • Maintain ongoing communication and relationships with partner schools, parents, community
  • Outreach in Malawi for sponsorship and grant opportunities to help sustain program
  • Maintain library of images and videos for Kusewera Social Media, Blogs, etc.

Kusewera will provide general room and board to volunteer, which also includes general use utilities, wifi and an available vehicle at owners discretion (*upon signed vehicle agreement).

Term: Minimum 6 mos. (1-2 years preferred)

General eligibility: Must be 18 years of age, have related volunteer experience, complete Kusewera training prior to start of term and have final approval by Kusewera’s US Board.

Preference: A volunteer outside of Malawi, who has been to or worked in Malawi will be given first priority. A volunteer outside of Malawi, who has been to or worked in Africa within the last 3 years will be given priority as well as a volunteer outside of Malawi, who has been to or worked in a third world country within the last 3 years.

Please send resume to (subject line: On-site Manager) with an explanation of why you are interested in this position and why you feel you would be a great fit.